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Military: U.S. Army Wiki Art

Military: U.S. Army Wiki Art

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This is a beautiful, unique Art Piece inspired by the United States Army. and is the perfect gift for any Soldier. It is so unique and exclusive that it cannot be found anywhere else.

The distinctive, full color artwork includes over 100 popular phrases, sayings, names, bases, deployments and slogans and other U.S. Army identifiers, to create an incredible lasting tribute to one of the most remarkable units of our military.

The Art Piece is a stunning addition to any home, office or dorm room.

Creatively incorporates words and phrases that personify and describe the United States Army, like:

United States Army, Hero, June 14, 1775, This We’ll Defend, The Army Goes Rolling Along, Army Day, Soldier’s Creed, Oath of Enlistment, I am an American Soldier, Delta Force, Green Berets, Rangers, Airborne, Hooah!, Army National Guard, United States Army Reserve, Army of One, Be All That You Can Be, Army Strong, Duty, Honor, Country, Courage, Strength, Dedication, Commitment, Freedom, Patriot, Fight, Pride, Sacrifice, Respect, Bravery, Flag, Integrity, Defend, Salute, Protect, Serve, Veteran, Black and Gold, Soldier, Troops, Combat, Mission, Fatigues, G.I., Dog Tags, Camouflage, Grunt, Military Service, Armed Forces, Corps of Engineers, Peacekeeping, Army Band, Commissioned Officers, Private, Basic Training, Advanced Individualized Training, World War I, World War II, Korean War,Lebanon Crisis, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Somali Civil War, Operation Desert Storm, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, Operation Enduring Freedom, ISIL Intervention, Special Forces, Rifle, Apache Attack Helicopter, Black Hawk, Army Greens, Shaw Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, Fort Sill, Fort Hood, Fort Stewart, Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, Fort Polk, Fort Lee

…and many others.

Photographs simply don’t do justice to how truly breathtaking your art piece will be when hanging on the wall of that special Soldier.

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